Internet reacts to new ‘BATMAN’!

Just hours after Variety publicized former Twilight star Robert Pattinson is predicted to succeed the role as a younger Bruce Wayne in the Matt Reeves-directed The Batman, several petitions have surfaced desiring to oust Pattinson from the Batcave.

One particular petition pleads to Warner Bros: “Don’t make the Batfleck mistake again,” citing previous Batman star Ben Affleck, who exited the role after starring as a experienced crime-fighter in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and Justice League. The petition is accompanied with a portrait of Pattinson with “no” high-spirited atop his face.

Yet another demands like-minded fans to block Warner Bros.’ plans, calling the casting a “complete joke” and “the worst casting ever” for the Dark Knight. An equivalent petition attempts to “replace Robert Pattinson as the new Batman,” the plea identified as “self explanatory.”

Just another campaigns on the behalf of Call Me by Your Name star Armie Hammer, posting, “To cast Robert Pattinson or anyone other than Armie Hammer at this point would be a joke.”

Variety primarily revealed Thursday Pattinson is “top choice” for the role and that the deal is anticipated to close shortly.

However the deal is not still official, and Deadline noted Dark Phoenix star Nicholas Hoult was still in the running for the role alongside reported frontrunner Pattinson. Hoult is said to be a well liked of Reeves and the studio.

Both stars top a shortlist that apparently includes the 32-year-old Hammer, who have long denied he’s been implemented for the role in spite of a February report professing he had been cast, and 28-year-old Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who earlier headlined 2014’s Godzilla for the studio.

Whichever actor gets the role will play a younger Bruce Wayne fairly new to his place as Gotham City’s sworn protector in what has been described by Reeves as a “point of view-driven, noir Batman tale.”

In March, Affleck stated he’s “looking forward” to seeing the Reeves-directed Batman, telling ET Canada, “They’ve got a great director. They’re doing a kind of, I don’t want to give away anything…but they’re doing a young version, a more starting-out version with a younger guy.”

Pattinson’s possibility casting has already ignited a mixed case of responses on the internet. Similar outcry centered around Affleck when he was publicized as the first actor to portray the DC Extended Universe’s Batman in August 2013.

The Batman is scheduled for June 25, 2021.

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