International Picnic Day: From video calls to virtual games, how the day can celebrated while following COVID-19 norms

International Picnic Day is celebrated on 18 June all over the globe, with the aim to to take off from our busy schedules and appreciate the loved ones’ company, as reminder to celebrate life.

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people cannot engage in outdoor picnic or have a huge social gathering. A picnic an interesting mode of getting to spend time with people.

Here are the ways you can celebrate International Picnic Day while following safety protocols:

Video group calls: Catch up with family, friends and relatives and fix a time to conduct a video group call. Get your snacks ready and have it together with your virtual participants.

Homemade sumptuous meal: As COVID-19 norms remain in place, home-cooked food is the best way to ensure you stay safe and healthy while enjoying a nice, elaborate and scrumptious dinner.

Musical picnic: Jazz up your home version of picnic with some music. A playlist of your favorite songs and those of your the people you’re celebrating the day with whoever is joining your virtual picnic will transport you to a jolly picnic in a sunny park.

Picnic on the terrace or backyard: Your terrace or backyard can turn into the picnic venue.

Virtual games with friends and family: Enjoying online games as a part of a picnic amid pandemic is among the best ways to beat lockdown blues.

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