Industry giants to bid for IPL after VIVO’s exit

VIVO India, Indian entity for the Chinese giant Vivo communication technologies has withdrawn its sponsorship from the Indian Premier League(IPL) for this year leaving the window open for next year.

It has been a day since both of them parted ways but the industry giants like Amazon, Dream 11 and Byju’s, who already sponsors the Indian team’s jersey, are eying for the sponsorship of the mega league scheduled to be held in the United Arab Emirates(UAE) this year.

Vivo signed the sponsorship in 2017 for a five-year deal but had to midway terminate the contract due to the current unfortunate situation of the COVID crisis. This means that not only IPL will be losing over Rs 400 crores but the teams and their finances will be affected as well. Board of Cricket Council of India (BCCI) now solely depends on the television viewership which might fetch great results due to the constant hunger for fresh sporting events.

On Thursday, BCCI had confirmed Vivo’s exit but they also did not rule out the possibility that the mobile giants may make a return next year.

India team’s jersey sponsor Byju’s is extremely interested in this possibility as the learning application has been eyeing a bigger role in the IPL franchise. Even its direct competitor, Unacademy has also been looking to step into IPL.

Dream 11 also can be a  potential sponsor given the area of similar interests and with a budget in hand.

Even as a lot of giants are showing interest in the possibility of entering IPL but Amazon still remains the top gun among all others. With the incoming of the festive season in India, Dussehra-Diwali, Amazon will definitely look into utilizing this opportunity to the fullest and expand its reach and availability in India. BCCI had earlier agreed to conduct IPL in the UAE after worsening the COVID situation in India and the whole thing was dependent on the government’s approval and as the reports are to go by, the Ministry of external affairs has given their nod for this and hence made the move official.

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