Indian Overseas Congress accuses BJP of spreading misinformation

On 10 October, there was a news in pretty much every national media divert in India with respect to the Indian Overseas Congress and why the torchbearers of IOC, UK meet Jeremy Corbyn, Labor Party boss and Leader of Opposition in the UK. The news turned into a web sensation after Corbyn tweeted a photograph and composed which was not favoring India at the global level about its picture.

The BJP Twitter handle retweeted it looking for explanation and wrongly communicating Congress’ enthusiasm for the Kashmir issue at a universal gathering. I was one of the IOC delegates who met Jeremy and partook in the gathering. In this article, I compose what precisely occurred, what has been discussed and how things created. Through this article, I can offer how deception is spread and deludes our general public.

The greater part of the media houses and individuals via web-based networking media addressed why the Indian Overseas Congress go to meet UK political pioneers. Above all else, the gathering was not called by the Indian Overseas Congress(IOC). The gathering was started by the Labor party in the UK. On the 25 September, 2019, the UK Labor Party passed a goals that bolstered “global intercession in Kashmir and a call for UN drove submission”.

It is broadly dismissed by the greater part of the Indian diaspora in the UK. IOC and its individuals were not in the slightest degree upbeat about the choice made by the Labor Party. At the point when we got the chance to meet Corbyn, the key individual of the Labor Party, we would not like to lose the chance to chat on the goals and denounce. A group of seven drove by the leader of IOC, UK, Kamal Dhaliwal met Corbyn and his group at the House of Commons on 8 October.

The principle theme of talk was Kashmir and we as a whole were very much aware of the affectability of the issue. I have condensed the general focuses talked about during the gathering.

Initially, from the earliest starting point of the gathering, representative of IOC UK Sudhakar Goud made it exceptionally evident that Jammu and Kashmir is a necessary piece of India and we don’t acknowledge any outer impedance. Additionally, I can obviously recollect, the group from the Labor Party attempting to raise the focuses on human rights infringement which perhaps they have seen/watched generally from news and the accessible data on the open area.

To counter that, Sudhakar stated, “We don’t acknowledge impedance from any outside nation in our inner issues. There are no human right infringement in Kashmir. Also, if there were any, we would battle them inside. We said the main concerns we had was about the way BJP had disavowed Article 370 without counseling Jammu and Kashmir Assembly and clampdown on correspondences.”

What’s more, we as a whole had additionally articulated in a reasonable way, we can’t help contradicting the present decision party on numerous things yet in the matter of Kashmir, we will never give any space to any nation to meddle in this issue. Also, during the exchange, there was a point examined with respect to what could be the arrangement and how harmony can be gotten place. I intensely responded and said the main thing which will help get harmony in the Valley is preventing global association whether from the front or the secondary passage.

Without the assistance of neighborhood nation, the separatists’ development can’t be executed on the ground. A tremendous segment of the populace in the Valley is expert Indian. As I would like to think, few gatherings are the genuine issues that additionally can’t run their purposeful publicity without the outer assistance being conveyed by individuals sitting in Pakistan. Following, there was a point raised how neighborhood political pioneers were made house capture. Dhaliwal reacted by saying that is finished and they are free at this point. He likewise included, he contemplated in Kashmir with individuals from a differing network. He never had any issue during his understudy days.

Finally, we raised our worries over the ongoing vicious dissent outside of the Indian High Commission in London and furthermore talked about there has been a typical inclination among the Indian people group in the UK over the occurrence and who perhaps sponsored them. So inside and out, the enunciations made by the entire group were never under any circumstance against our nation’s picture which decision gathering is attempting to depict unfairly.

Basically, we raised the point about the goals of the work party on Jammu and Kashmir which was our principle reason to consent to meet. We made our position exceptionally evident that Indian diaspora is unsettled about the goals and on the off chance that they can reexamine their choice and pull back it back.

We have been posed similar inquiries crosswise over various media(including online life), why the Congress central leadership abandoned the gathering with Jeremy. In the reaction, Dhaliwal in a meeting plainly said this gathering has nothing to do with the Congress party in India. It was intended to be for the Indian diaspora.

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