India works towards clean; to produce biofuel from microalgae

Under the INSPIRE program of the ministry of science and technology, scientists from India have developed a method of producing biofuel from microalgae.

The Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research or INSPIRE is an effort by the central government to encourage talented and innovative minds of the country to work to make India a more energy cautious country. India is a huge market for biofuels is it in terms of buying or using this particular form of energy. Biofuels like molasses, agriculture residue, sugar-containing edible sources have already been experimented with, and with this news addition, the users are sure to be benefited as far as price is concerned. The method is known to be fairly low-cost biodiesel extracted from microalgae. The Team of scientists that has made it possible is led by T Mathimani from the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Tiruchirappalli as disclosed in a report by the Logical Indian.

In an official statement, the ministry of science and technology said that the use of microalgae has been strongly considered for the production of biofuels since they present a series of advantages over other biofuel feedstock. The authorities praised the team and said that they managed to isolate predominant strains of the marine microalgae species from the coastal areas on Tamil Nadu. As per a report in the Times of India, the team came up with ways that would let commercial production of diesel which can be put in an energy market in a sustainable manner.

But using algae for the production of biofuels such as bioethanol, biodiesel, biogas, and biohydrogen in different countries was being done for years now but was never supported enough because of the higher cost involved in its cultivation, harvesting and extraction process and all of this combine, it never reached its optimum utility. With this new discovery, algae can be put into more efficient use and not be just left to be exploited as a third-generation feedstock.

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