India-U.S. Relationship to improve

The administration of Trump said, that there is an enormous potential for improvement between India and U.S. relationship, oozing confidence that the ongoing trade agreements could be run through well because of the good relationship between the two nations.

State Department Spokesperson Morgan Ortagus on Tuesday informed reporters at a news conference that as it relates to their business association, the secretary of state has told this as well when they were in India: that they saw a lot of opportunity for growth in their relationship and they see enormous potential.

Ortagus said that when Mike Pompeo the Secretary of State was in New Delhi lately for discussions with the new Indian government where he met with his counterpart, had amazingly productive meetings.

She said that the secretary is certain that he has restated this that any kind of business agreements that they have, any concerns can be worked through due to the friendship between these two countries.

Recently an official from the office of the U.S.Trade Representative who visited India. The spokesperson was replying to a question regarding this.

Ms. Ortagus said that they spoke about a considerable moment and they probably know this India is already the United State’s important trading partner. She believed that India is its top market for exports.

The spokesperson also greeted the building of the Kartarpur corridor between India and Pakistan to promote the visa-free travel of Sikh pilgrims from India to the historic Gurudwara Darbar Sahib, the final halting-place of Sikhism founder Guru Nanak Dev.

Ms. Ortagus said that this was certainly a good news report and they encourage it, anything that increases one to one relation between India and Pakistan is something that they incredibly support.

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