Ind vs NZ 1st Test, Live Cricket Score, Day 1: Hosts breathe easy thanks to Iyer-Jadeja partnership

After 76 overs,India 235/4 ( Shreyas Iyer 66 , Ravindra Jadeja 37)

Somerville starts off with three dots before Jadeja collects a single off a cut off the fourth. The offie tweaks the field for Iyer, getting a long on and a deep square leg in place for the big hits. Iyer, however, chooses to rotate the strike with a single. Two from the over.

After 75 overs,India 233/4 ( Shreyas Iyer 65 , Ravindra Jadeja 36)

Short, wide ball from Patel in the second delivery of this over is promptly dispatched towards the extra cover fence as Jadeja collects his fourth boundary. Iyer has his heart in his mouth for a second in the fourth delivery as an aerial drive towards mid on lands just short of the fielder. He makes amends two balls later by charging down the pitch and slogging towards wide long on, collecting the second six of the innings. 12 from the over.

After 74 overs,India 221/4 ( Shreyas Iyer 58 , Ravindra Jadeja 31)

Somerville returns, replacing Southee, with a slip and a short leg in place. Jadeja pats the ball towards mid on for a single off the third. Iyer goes for a cheeky little paddle towards fine leg off the fourth. The slip fielder starts running to his left in anticipation, and the headstart helps him save a run for his side as he pulls the ball back inside to prevent the boundary. Four from the over.

After 73 overs,India 217/4 ( Shreyas Iyer 55 , Ravindra Jadeja 30)

Shreyas decides to charge down the pitch in the third delivery of this over, though collecting only a single as the ball is intercepted at backward square leg. Jadeja drives the ball down the ground two deliveries later for a single. Two from the over.

After 72 overs,India 215/4 ( Shreyas Iyer 54 , Ravindra Jadeja 29)

Tim Southee has the ball. Jadeja plays the cut and the ball is in the air for sometime. Deep point fielder cuts it off near the rope as the batsmen run two. A solid defence by Jadeja to end the over and the umpire calls for drinks.

After 71 overs,India 213/4 ( Shreyas Iyer 54 , Ravindra Jadeja 27)

Ajaz to Jadeja, two dot balls and then the batsman clips it to long-on for a single. Williamson changes the field before the fourth ball after discussing it with the bowler. A forward short leg is in place along with a fielder at short mid-wicket. The plan is to bowl on the rough and the last one turns big. The keeper collects it on the leg-side as the batsman prefers not to play a shot.

After 70 overs,India 212/4 ( Shreyas Iyer 54 , Ravindra Jadeja 26)

Tim Southee continues and he bowls round the stumps to Jadeja. The pacer manages to extract an edge off the batsman who goes for the drive. Only one man in the cordon and he’s in fourth slip. The ball is in the gap and runs to the boundary. The next ball is on the pads, Jadeja goes at it hard but hits it to the fine-leg fielder for a single. Five off the over.

After 69 overs,India 207/4 ( Shreyas Iyer 54 , Ravindra Jadeja 21)

Ajaz bowls short and wide and Shreyas Iyer ensures he collects a boundary. It’s a late cut and the ball races away to the third man boundary. This is seventh boundary in the innings.

After 68 overs,India 202/4 ( Shreyas Iyer 50 , Ravindra Jadeja 20)

Four from the over, including a single off the first delivery that helps Shreyas Iyer bring up his maiden Test half-century. Jadeja works the ball towards mid on for a single off the last delivery, and then grabs two more thanks to overthrows. India go past 200 in this over.

Fifty on Test debut for Shreyas Iyer! Collects a single off Southee’s bowling to reach the milestone, and is greeted by an ovation from the Green Park stands as well as from the Indian dressing room. IND 199/4

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