Imran khan threatens India of a Nuclear War

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has stuck to the script and has claimed that there would be a large-scale violence in Kashmir and also held out the threat of war between the two nuclear-armed neighbours.

Imran Khan has suggested that nuclear-armed Pakistan may not have much of a choice if a conventional war were to break out between Pakistan and India which he described as a country seven-times its size.

Khan has held out the threat of a nuclear war more than once during his speech to nudge countries to support him. He said that there will be consequences beyond the borders of the two countries.

Khan has insisted that he had dismantled the remnants of the terrorist infrastructure from the Afghanistan war after assuming power and has invited the world leaders to visit his country to check out for themselves.

Khan has also rejected the Indian charge that terror groups on its side were prepping to infiltrate into India. He said that Pakistan would not send 500 terrorists to India, when there are 900,000 troops there.

The troops hadn’t come for the Kashmiri people or Muslims.

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