IMA founder returns back to India, arrested at Delhi International Airport

Mohammed Mansoor Khan, the founder of IMA group arrested of defrauding investors of over ₹2,500 crore and bolted the country as his firm in June turned up its services in June and came back to India on July 19.

Soon after he arrived at Delhi airport from Dubai was captured by the Enforcement Directorate.

The Special Investigation Team was posted by the Karnataka government, told in a statement, it found Mr Khan in Dubai by its sources and urged him to come back to India and present himself before the law. As per that, he flew from Dubai to New Delhi.

A look-out notice was issued on IMA founder by the Enforcement Directorate and the Karnataka Police.

The arrested had absconded to the other country in the month of June, at the same time he left an audio note which is said of committing suicide.

The SIT lately asked former Karnataka Minister and Congress leader R. Roshan Baig following charges by Khan that he had taken ₹400 crore from him.

Mr Baig said he would help the investigators. Congress MLA Roshan Baig, who had been confined and interrogated by the SIT in association with the IMA inquiry, presented documents to the police on Friday.

“If further questioning is required he will be called again,” said an SIT officer.

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