IISER to work on a first quantum computer with four scientists

Four scientists from the Indian Institute of Scientific Education and Research (IISER) will work for forming the first quantum computer in the nation following the Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) programme by the Department of Science and Technology.

IISER scientists said, “the project is the biggest of its kind multi-institutional and pan-India initiative with a funding of Rs 300 crore over three years and the institute will play a major role in this project.” This initiative is the first move towards developing a native quantum computer and a quantum communication network along with making modern research infrastructure and training human resources, IISER’s officiating director Prof. Arvind said.

Prof. Arvind added, “It is of paramount importance for India to develop its indigenous research programme in building quantum computers and in developing quantum cryptography and quantum communication devices, so as to remain in the forefront of the race to be an Information Technology (IT) superpower.” The team will include Prof Arvind, Prof Kavita Dorai, Dr.Mandip Singh and Dr Sandeep Goyal.

Prof. Arvind said that this is the first try by the Indian government to advance research in quantum technologies and applications. The quantum computers are computational devices which can operate in minutes the tasks that take years for the best supercomputer. They also guarantee secure communication.

“A fully functioning and commercial quantum computer has not been constructed yet; however, several countries like the USA and China have built prototypes,” Dr Arvind added. Prof. Arvind said that “at the end of the first phase, they expect to have a foundation for building a prototype for the quantum computer, methods for precision measurements, and a secure and portable quantum communication setup.”

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