ICC World Cup 2019 Semi-Finals Part-II: India vs New Zealand

India vs New Zealand was the 46th ODI match in the World Cup 2019 series. The match was played at Old Trafford, Manchester.

New Zealand won the toss and elected to bat first against India.

New Zealand scored 211 runs losing 5 wickets by the end of 46.1 overs and then match was pushed to reserve day(wednesday, 10-07-2019).

The match continued from 2nd ball of 46th over with New Zealand batting. New Zealand by the end of 50 overs scored 239 runs losing 8 wickets. The target set to India was 240 runs.

Being unbeaten and table-topper in this World Cup 2019 series, this score was assumed to be an easy chase for Indian Cricket team according to fans and cricket admirers. But, once the second innings kicked off, the pressure prevailing around the trophy started showing off.

Indian players right now facing the New Zealand bowlers and Indian fans on either sides.

KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma entered ‘opening’ the match. New Zealand begin to defend the chase right from the begining. Indian players were found struggling in obtaining runs.

Rohit Sharma, was expected to perform well but went early back to pavilion with only 4 balls faced. Kohli joined Rahul, where Rahul was also caught and left early.

With immense pressure revolving arounf him, as a Captain, Virat started facing the kiwi’s spells. But hardly, today wasn’t his day and was out by LBW.

Rishab Pant and Dinesh Karthik stood together and faced overs. Dinesh Karthick scored 6 runs after facing 25 balls and was get caught by James Neesham.

Pant well tried to embark his debut World Cup campaign by scoring 32 runs facing 56 balls and unfortunately caught by Colin.

Hardik Pandya, will be remembered if he hits this particular match well. MS Dhoni is there to support him.

If this partnership stays for while, this could easily turn the match upside down. It is already considered as an One-sided match after losing important wickets like Rohit and Virat.

At this crucial time, Dhoni, being matured and driving forward the game and Hardik, young hitter can easily bring the much needed win to the team.

India scored 82 runs losing 5 wickets by the end of 27 overs.

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