ICC World Cup 2019 Finals: England vs NewZealand

England vs NewZealand was the 48th ODI and the final match of the World Cup 2019 series. The match was played at Lord’s Stadium, England.

NewZealand won the toss and opted to bat against England first.

NewZealand in the first innings played well but at the same time England’s bowling spells were strong enough. Since, both the teams are in their prime form and haven’t won their World Cup Trophy so far, this was an 100% effort from both the sides.

By the end of 50 overs, NewZealand scored 241 runs losing 8 wickets.

In the second innings, England took a brave chase and what happenned during the first hald repeated in the second half. The BlackCaps defended the chase well and the match went on to tie (i.e) by the end of 50 overs England scored 241 runs losing all the wickets.

First time in the history of World Cup Finals, the match entered into Super over.

England batted first in the super over and scored 15 runs.

NewZealand followed next to bat in the super overs. The last ball of the super over again landed in tie with 15 runs, losing 1 wicket.

According to ICC rules, the winners were based on the total count of boundaries in the whole match. NewZealand have got 17 boundaries(both 4s and 6s), whereas, England had 26 boundaries(both 4s and 6s).

Ben Stokes(England) were awarded the ‘Man of the match’. At the same time Jofra Archer bowled the Super Over for England and deserves equal appreciation.

In the 44 years of World Cup history, England lifted the World Cup Trophy for the first time. It cannot be denied that, NewZealand gave an amazing fight but lost according to rules. NewZealand were also 2015 runner-up while Australia lifted the trophy.

The match was nail-biting, and complete emotional, as both the teams were fighting for their debut World Cup Championship.

This hard-ending game for NewZealand, provoked Cricket players,fans and netizens all over the world to rise their voice against ICC rules. But, everyone knew that, everything happened was sticking to the ‘rules’, but NewZealand’s supporters can’t get over that.

However, ENGLAND earned the World Cup Trophy for their country and it cannot be denied.

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