IBM and NASSCOM will train 2,500 students

IBM and NASSCOM Foundation have announced that they will be launching a programme where 2,500 students from 23 non-technical institutions will be given skillful training in new-age technologies like data science, cloud computing and Blockchain.

The “New-collar Employability Skills Programme” will engage students through an on-campus approach in a training model at colleges in Karnataka, Haryana and the NCR.

Rumi Mallick Mitra, Leader, Corporate Social Responsibility, IBM India, has said that If they want India’s talent base to compete in the global economy, it becomes imperative to upskill them. They are promoting skilling for the next generation to pursue STEM careers.

NASSCOM Foundation and IBM have also identified iPrimed and TMI as training partners for the programme. The training will be given through a series of online and classroom sessions.

All the stakeholders will also assist in providing placement support to students.

Ashok Pamidi, CEO, NASSCOM Foundation has said that they would like to take this opportunity to encourage more organizations to come forward and help create uplift the youth from underserved communities by providing them with on the new-age technologies.

In March 2019, IBM had announced to advance skills and careers of more than 2 lakh female students in STEM fields.

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