Huge snake falls from overhead cables to ground in Philippines, panicked locals rush to rescue it; watch video here

In the video, the snake is seen hanging on the wires in the city’s public market, and as the people continue to watch it, the reptile suddenly fell on the ground. The locals later brought the snake back to its habitat.

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In a hair-raising video from Philippines, residents of a town were shocked to see a snake slithering on overhead wires in the evening. The incident, which took place on 12 October in Tagbilaran city, located in the country’s Bohol province, has gone viral on social media, with over 5,000 views till date.

According to reports, the snake was seen hanging on the wires in the city’s public market. The 1.14 minute video shifts from showing the snake moving around the wires to focus on the people nearby. Several people were filming the scene with the mobile phones, while some stood terrified at the scene unfolding in front of them. A few panicked screams can also be heard in the background.

As the people continue watching the snake, the reptile suddenly falls to the ground. Several people rush forward to rescue the several foot-long reptile. According to news reports, the locals later brought the snake back to its habitat.

It is not yet known which species the snake belonged to and how it slithered up to the wires without anyone noticing it.

The video received several comments online, with many people being shocked at video and wondering how the snake got up to the wires. Some were sympathetic to the snake and the unwanted attention he received from the locals filming him.

This is not the only video featuring snakes that has gone viral in recent times. A few days ago, the United Kingdom’s Chester Zoo shared a video of a Moellendorff Rat Snake breaking out of its egg. The video of the baby snake emerging from the egg went viral on social media, with several users commenting on the amazing moment.

The Chester Zoo said that the baby snake in the video was the first Moellendorff Rat Snake to hatch in the zoo. The species, native to Northern Vietnam and Southern China, is under threat as its skin used for making bags and shoes.

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