How safe is Mitron, India’s answer to TikTok

Mitron, India’s version of TikTok, which has been downloaded by over 50 lac Indians, and is still getting downloaded by more is gaining popularity for not only being a quick video making app, just like its Chinese rival but for being Indian. Apparently the app has been created by an IIT-Roorkee student with the registered address as Uttarakhand. But is being ‘Indian’ enough to get a free pass in terms of safety?

As per a detailed app review put out by Gadgets 360, the app, which lacks a privacy policy, asks the user for multiple access permissions including camera, microphone, files, data, internal storage and ability to prevent the device from sleeping. While all this is normal for any video generating app, but not for an app which has no privacy policy. It implies that all the user information, personal data, photographs, videos, etc could be taken from their phones and sold to dubious advertising companies.

According to the tech website, what questions the app’s authenticity was that if a user went to the ‘Google Play page for Mitron and click the privacy policy link at the bottom, it will take you to a site called, which is a blank page’. Besides, the developer’s website,, redirect you to the Google Play page for Mitron until recently but at the time of writing it just showed a blank page”.

Besides, there also emerged claims that the site has been created by Pakistani developers, called Qboxus, contacted Indian media via twitter, claiming the ownership for the app. According to a News18 report, the company’s founder and chief executive Irfan Sheikh said that Qboxus sold the source code of their app, including its full set of features and the user interface, to Mitron’s promoter for $34 (~Rs 2,600). Qboxus created TicTok clone by the name TicTic and sold it further.

Speaking to News18, Sheikh said, “We expect our customers to use our code and build something on their own. But Mitron’s developer has taken our exact product, changed the logo and uploaded it on their store.”However, Sheikh affirms that the problem is not this. “There is no problem with what the developer has done. He paid for the script and used it, which is okay. But, the problem is with people referring to it as an Indian-made app, which is not true especially because they have not made any changes.”In an email response to News18’s queries, ShopKiller e-Commerce, which is the promoter behind the Mitron app, said, “We want to work in stealth mode, and didn’t want people to know us by our name. I found (the article) a little disappointing. I would have liked you to appreciate the fact that we are working hard on the app, and the reason for developing the app was just to give a ‘Make In India’ alternative to people.”

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