How Indian Jobs Chug Along In Partial Lockdown Environment

Manpower crutch is costing Maharashtra dearly, especially the unavailability of daily wage workers.

The coronavirus lockdown is bleeding India jobs and a chugging economy too. Many entrepreneurial ventures might not recover from the close-down and find the strength to chug along. Manpower crutch is costing Maharashtra dearly, especially the unavailability of daily wage workers. This is making it difficult for normal life to resume post a partial opening up of the lockdown in India’s third-largest western state.

Cargo seems to be lying on the ports due to a lack of workers to unload them. Other jobs like filling cash in ATMs and odd jobs for which daily wage workers were used, seem to be chugging along slowly and painfully. The partial opening of the lockdown has supported farming and agri-related activities, road transport, e-commerce, and home delivery services, and interstate movement of goods.

While the lockdown was in place till April 20, the main ports around the state were functional under the essential services category. Mumbai’s primary container port, Nhava Sheva continued to function through the lockdown unlike some other private ports in the country. Currently, the state is facing major hiccups with logistic delays of several hours. Goods are not reaching warehouses in time and the deliveries are therefore being delayed on all ends.

Truckers are not willing to take on logistic jobs which are one way. Unlike those on contracts, the single deliveries have seen a surge in tariff by 15-20 percent.

On the white-collar job front, many companies that had outsourced back end and customer care operations might be shifting their bases elsewhere from India. The lack of infrastructure at work from home models and sensitivity of client data are reasons enough for India to probably look at a situation of losing more jobs in the coming months.

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