How every crisis turns an opportunity for PM Modi?

India has seen over 60,000 COVID cases in a day and yesterday being the fourth consecutive day of COVID cases crossing this mark taking the total number of cases to over 22 million in the country. Were there no efforts to curb the spread of the virus? Was the PM Modi late in realizing how contagious this virus is? Or was it the separation of bringing everything back to normal?

We need answers to these questions and since we know that asking the leaders will only lead us to a dead-end back and forth, let’s analyze.

The Prime Minister of India was better at realizing the threat that Covid-19 possessed back in March when he announced the lockdown for 21-days. This lockdown was supposed to curb the spread of coronavirus in India which it did not. PM Modi said that if everyone abides by the guideline issued by the center and World Health Organisation(WHO) then the country will win the fight against coronavirus. It did not happen as said. Problems were highlighted during the second week of lockdown when laborers, daily wage earners and people who had migrated to a different city or state and nowhere to go. The lockdown was announced merely four hours prior to implementation leaving no room for preparation. The restrictions might have come before Brazil or the United States but that does not make India stand any better on controlling the virus spread.

It so happened that Modi wanted to show-off his immediate and urgent need to take the decision indicating how spontaneous he can be. He wanted to be that dynamic leader who takes calls then and there. The first lockdown announcement was nothing but self-promotion. He is no different from that of Brazil’s President, Jair Bolsonaro, because had he known how much destruction can go lenient during the current situation can cause, he would not have cared to brick-in the Ram Mandir.

The inability of ensuring that the country matters are being taken care of can be seen in one of the incidents that happened in a small in Madhya Pradesh–Singaruli. With a population of hardly 3 lakh, the district saw a rising number of COVID cases in the last few days. The district also borders Uttar Pradesh. The jail of the district located in Pachore saw 16 detained individuals testing positive for COVID last Friday. They had just come in from another jail and were taken in without any testing or precautions. Now the total has gone up to 180 COVID positive cases in the district. With the current situation in view, why do you think they would have let these detainees in without checkup. One can be unavailability of resources but the other can be that they just don’t care. Either way, who needs to be held accountable for this. Does announcing lockdown relieve you from any duty that you owe the country?

The politicians and leaders who could not think of a way to send the migrants back to their hometown by train and make it free of cost were astonishingly efficient when it came to handling matters regarding Ayodhya. The ruling party. The Bharatiya Janata Party has been using every possible crisis as an opportunity to win the race. It would have made sense if this was bringing any positive outcome but unfortunately it turns out to be a selfish call. Modi assured the public of nothing except for false hopes. He should have assured of no job loss, proper health care facilities despite the economic background, alternative for studies and most of all should have come up with a way of saving the lives of thousands of people who lost themselves because of the lack of governance by the government.

Nonetheless, the BJP and PM Modi continue to enjoy a lot of popularity with their false hopes and promises that continue to fool the public.

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