HD Kumaraswamy to prove its majority by 1:30p.m as per the Governor’s order

HD Kumaraswamy, Karnataka Chief Minister will prove its majority in the Assembly as per Governor VajubhaiVala’s order on Friday at 1.30 pm.

JD-S spokesman Ramesh Babu, “The Chief Minister’s counsel will move the Supreme Court on Friday for a stay on the Governor’s Thursday’s order asking him to prove majority by 1.30 pm.”

The Congress and Janata Dal-Secular (JD-S) associates will also request the apex court on the Governor’s order as the Chief Minister on Thursday by submitted the confidence motion and started the discussion on it for the floor test.

Ramesh Babu added, “The Governor is interfering in the working of the Legislative Assembly, which is the domain of the Speaker under the provisions of the Constitutions.”

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