Hate Media Tries To Undermine India Relations With GCC Countries

Joining the pro-India brigade is now Kuwait that has assured the capital that it will not tolerate anti-Indian sentiment over its social media channels. Apparently some foreign-sponsored social media handles and posts have been spreading news of unfriendly vibes between India and other Arab nations. These primarily include Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and now Kuwait. There was some anti-India propaganda flashing across the social media which has been pinning blame on the Muslim community for spreading the coronavirus

Some of these have been originating from fake accounts in Oman itself. Further, many Islamophobic messages have also been doing rounds. These might look like an attempt to undermine the existing friendly and coordinate relations between India and the GCC states. As a result, the Indian population in GCE countries who have been spreading anti-Islamic points of view via social media are either receiving hate messages or have been sacked from work.

Various representatives from GCC countries have taken to official social media handles and reassured the Indian government of their commitment to work together with the former to combat the pandemic.

Taking a slightly different approach the Indian embassy in Qatar has pinned the blame on anti-India forces trying to divide people. “It is clear that fake identities are being used by forces inimical to India, to create divisions within our community. Please understand the reality and do not get swayed by these malicious attempts to sow discord. Our focus right now needs to be on COVID-19.”

India is continuing to send support in the form of essential supplies to many West Asian countries, which seemed to have been stirred by malicious news doing rounds on social media channels. In recent telephone conversations, external Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar spoke with the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Palestine and reassured them of the Indian support, in whichever way needed.

Fake tweets were circulated quoting Mona bint Fahad Assistant Vice Chancellor of Sultan Qaboos University for International relations and daughter of Oman’s Deputy PM Sayyid Fahd, member of an Omani royalty; all speaking ill and negative about these countries’ relations with India vis-a-vis coronavirus support operations.

Whether the fake posts and tweets are originating from individuals that are simply venting anger or an organized terror group remains unclear. Currently, the countries involved and speaking to the representatives of each nation via phone calls and using their official accounts to iron out the unnecessary creases.

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