Government to give away awards for the media houses who runs the campaign on International Yoga Day

The media houses that run campaigns on the interests of yoga, leading the International Day of Yoga on June 21 will be given away the awards by the government, Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting Prakash Javadekar stated on Saturday.

11 awards in each of the three categories will be given for the media firms serving in 22 Indian languages and English media houses.

Mr Javadekar, called yoga as India’s foremost gift to the world, he believes that all the media houses would participate.

“We have observed that many media houses whether print, T.V. or radio are doing their own bit to propagate the message of healthy living through yoga. We have decided to recognise their efforts,” he added.

The fifth edition of International Day of Yoga in 2019. Approximately 200 countries mark the day by organising mass yoga performances.

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