GOT FINALE! (Spoiler alert)

The ‘Game of Thrones’ series finale was the very last new episode of the hit HBO show ever. The blockbuster final episode was required to end everyone’s tale, so we have a full break down of where every person finished up.

After 8 seasons and 73 episodes, Game of Thrones approached an end on May 19. So much travelled down in the almost 2-hour episode. The final episode collected in the fallout of Daenerys wrecking King’s Landing with Drogon, killing characters such as Jaime, Cersei, and also a large number of innocent civilians.

In the final episode of the show, our favorite characters finished up in totally different places. A main character died, a new ruler was chosen, one character set out on a new journey, and much more.

Jon Snow

He was pressured to kill the woman he loved in the after-math of the destruction of King’s Landing. Jon Snow observed the carnage that Daenerys brought on and ultimately turned against her. He stabbed and also killed her after one last kiss through the series finale. In the end, Jon Snow returned north and now reunited with Ghost and Tormund. He gave up his profess to the Iron Throne. His punishment for killing Daenerys was to pay out the rest of his days being a member of the Night’s Watch. The final instances of the episode showed Jon, Tormund, Ghost, while others going beyond the Wall.

Daenerys Targaryen

The Mother of Dragons wasn’t hunger for the world after torching King’s Landing with Drogon. She grew to become Queen of the Seven Kingdoms but definitely not for very long. Jon Snow turned against his queen and killed her with a dagger to the heart. Daenerys was strained to look into the eyes of Jon Snow as she began to take her last breathse. Her destruction over his betrayal as heartbreaking as her deadly wound. Drogon wound up taking Dany’s body and also flying away.

Tyrion Lannister

In the cause of Daenerys damaging King’s Landing and Jaime and Cersei’s deaths, Tyrion left his role as Hand of the Queen. When he threw his pin at her, Daenerys got him imprisoned for treason. Tyrion later on persuaded Jon Snow to turn against Daenerys, revealing to him that his family will not be safe. After Jon killed Daenerys, Grey Worm bringing Tyrion before a council of Westerosi leader. A new leader required to be chosen. Tyrion stated it must be Bran. A vote was eventuated about who could be the new ruler. Bran Stark was voted the new king by a council and he chose Tyrion as his Hand of the King.

Bran Stark

The only existing son of Ned Stark was nominated the new King of the Six Kingdoms by a council. Bran chose Tyrion as his new Hand of the King. His king’s council integrated Davos, Bronn, Sam, and also Brienne.

Sansa Stark

Sansa acquired what she wanted in the end. She turned the Queen of the North. When Bran was being voted king, she asserted that the North should remain an individual kingdom and Bran agreed. Sansa’s last scene was her getting crowned.

Arya Stark

After hardly enduring the King’s Landing massacre, Arya headed away on a new journey. When Daenerys was dead and Bran was picked out as the new ruler, Arya aforesaid her family that she wasn’t getting back to Winterfell. She start to explore what’s west of Westeros. Her final scene was on a Stark ship heading west.

Brienne of Tarth

Brienne rode south with Sansa and Bran while it was time to decide on a new ruler. She become a member of the king’s council, along with Tyrion, Sam, Davos, and Bronn. She couldn’t just forget about Jaime, though. She ended his story in the History of the KingsGuard and had written that he perished “protecting his queen.”

Grey Worm

Grey Worm stand by Daenerys until the end . He got Jon Snow prisoner after the latter killed Daenerys. He hopefully consented to let Jon Snow return to the Night’s Watch as punishment for killing his queen. When Bran was chosen as the new king, Grey Worm was unable to bend the knee. He set begin a voyage with his left over troops on ships to free other slave cities.

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