Google to go carbon neutral by 2022

Google company has promised to go carbon neutral by 2022 by using a set of measures that will decrease the company’s total carbon discharges by 2022.

The measures implying led by the Mountain View, California based firm include utilising recycled element in all hardware products, adding the Pixel smartphones, Google Home smart speakers, Pixelbooks, Nest, Chromecast and phone cases, made by the company by 2022.

“Starting in 2022, 100 per cent of Made by Google products will include recycled materials with a drive to maximize recycled content wherever possible,” Google’s head of sustainability, consumer hardware, Anna Meegan wrote in a blog.

The tech giant would also guarantee that all its purchases – whether they are holding sent to the customers or being sent from them are carbon neutral by 2022. Meegan stated that the company was capable to decrease the carbon footprint of its shipments by 40 per cent by changing from air shipments to lading shipments.

“If Google needs to make all its shipments carbon neutral by 2022 it will have to plan the development and production cycle of its hardware products better so that the devices are shipped in time as the cargo shipments take longer than the air shipments,” he added.

“We are a young hardware brand…And we are looking at this opportunity as a perfect time for us to make a stand and bring something to what we believe customers want in the marketplace…It aligns to our broader company culture around thinking about the big unsolved problems of our time,” Meegan told.

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