Google extends its services of flood forecasting all over India

India and Bangladesh can now avail google service where it allows you to access its flood forecasting initiative that uses Artificial Intelligence to predict when and where are going to occur.

Google had developed a software that could predict floods but it lacked accuracy in its earlier version but now with improvements in the software, the company announced through this software, floods that occur in the South Asian region can be predicted which in turn will help the government to give warnings in a more accurate manner and form guidelines accordingly.

The initiative has extended to all parts of India and now covers more than 200 million people in Indian who live in flood-prone regions. Google also covered Bangladesh where around 40 million people are assured of any help that this service provides. Bangladesh is one of the worst-hit countries during floods. In India’s neighboring country, on an average 5,000 people are killed every year due to floods.

A large population of the world is affected by these yearly floods. From 95 million to 240 million people are affected due to floods, depending on the intensity of it. This results in the loss of life of more than thousands of people and economic damage which is over $30 billion. As we toss around with the climate, it keeps tossing us around. With the increase in climate change, floods are bound to increase which will further increase these figures.

Google has worked along with the Indian government’s Central Water Commission to improve the forecasts it follows. They are working to better the ways they can alert people that prepare them for the danger. The company says that it managed to alert 27 million people regarding the dangers of the flood. Sella Nevo is the person who heads the operations in India behind flood forecasting and he said that what worked in their favor was that while with the Indian government, they managed to collect the data on the flood levels which helped us in avoiding the delay that occurs due to erroneous water level readings. He further assured that if not all then some of these techniques are very specific to India and these techniques can change the flood forecasting worldwide.

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