Gigabyte G5 GE Gaming Laptop review: Setting the standard for a budget gaming laptop done right

Pros:- Top-notch performance in its price segment- High refresh rate display- Generous selection of ports- Extremely portable considering the performance- Great cooling- Phenomenal battery life

Cons:- Cooling fans can get loud- HD Camera with no biometrics or Windows Hello

Price: Rs 78,490/-Rating: 4/5

Many people assume that gaming hardware is always very expensive and that to get a decent gaming laptop you need to spend lakhs of rupees. The Gigabyte G5 GE breaks away from this stereotype in a spectacular fashion. This laptop is a device that is as “gamery” as things can get, all with its gamer-like aesthetics, and pretty impressive performance.

Image Credit: Tech2 Mehul Reuben Das

There are a few areas that could be improved. We sorely missed the absence of an HDR option for the screen, and we wished it had a better camera, along with some slightly better-tuned speakers. The overall performance and user experience, makes up for these shortcomings.

For avid gamers who do not stream and just want to enjoy some of the most popular games at high frame rates without spending too much, the Gigabyte G5 GE, in the configuration we tested, is more than sufficient. Not once during our gaming sessions or testing sessions did we wish, if only this machine had more to offer in terms of performance.

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