Ghani spokesman says that Taliban leaders received orders from Qatar to kill Afghans

Sadiq Sediqi, a spokesman for President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani has that the Afghan people will never accept an incomplete peace deal with the Taliban that results in their death while speaking at a news conference in Kabul.

He said that the Taliban leaders staying in Qatar for peace talks were ‘having honeymoon in Doha’ adding that the ‘Taliban leaders receive orders from Qatar to kill Afghans.’

Sediqi has said that negotiations in Qatar are incomplete and the Afghani government has shared its concerns with the US about the flawed process.

Ghani’s spokesperson stated that US President’s decision to cancel peace talks with Afghanistan’s Taliban leaders has proved that the government’s concerns were acknowledged. Trump had cancelled the talks after the insurgent group admitted that it was behind an attack in Kabul that has killed an American soldier and 11 other people.

Sediq told reporters that the peace talks have provided an opportunity to the Taliban to embrace political life.

He added that they have expected an outcome leading to a ceasefire and holding direct talks with the Taliban but they did not see any real effort from Taliban’s end.

Ghani’s office has said in a statement that it was committed to working together with the United States and allies for a ‘dignified and long-lasting peace.’ He further added that the country will hold the presidential election this month.

Ghani is currently seeking a second tenure in the elections scheduled for 28th September but the Taliban have called for the elections to be cancelled as a precondition to signing a peace accord with the US.

The statement said that lasting peace required ‘a strong, legitimate and a legal government through the upcoming elections to take the ongoing peace process forward.’

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