Ganguly ready to face future challenges as BCCI President

When Sourav Ganguly expect charge as leader of BCCI in the not so distant future he will be just the subsequent Indian skipper, after the Maharajkumar of Vizianagaram, to be raised to the post through a popularity based procedure. (Sunil Gavaskar was incidentally placed in control by courts when BCCI was in an unrest following claims of match-fixing in IPL.)

Ganguly, presumably the most youthful leader of BCCI, will have his undertaking removed more than ever. A large portion of the Apex Council individuals are amateurs to the body and could barely be relied upon to make a significant regulatory commitment during his short spell.

More terrible is the devastation created by the irreconcilable situation condition which straightaway denies him of good ability in the different sub-boards of trustees. A spell in the sub-advisory group could forbid individuals from working in their state affiliations or even as an expert in the territory of cricket training, umpiring, pundit, specialist co-op, and so on. In this way it is just characteristic that great ex-players and others with managerial capacity would avoid taking up sub-board of trustees work.

These separated, the previous India skipper ought to likewise live with the way that previous five star cricketers, who may some way or another have been helpful in different jobs, are currently looked for after and abundantly paid by provincial TV for cricket related work. This would fend off them from tolerating BCCI obligation.

Notwithstanding these undeniable drawbacks, Ganguly’s first errand is get a procedure and framework moving. These previous three years have seen most sub-advisory groups being ridden roughshod and their basis being tossed into disorder.

In his first collaboration with media Ganguly called attention to that he might want to prop up top notch cricket and pay the cricketers abundantly. He has only 10 months at work with the goal that kind of surface work likely could be the least demanding thing to execute.

However, to give Indian cricket a genuine push he needs to desperately focus on the standard of umpiring over all levels. Its a well known fact that the umpiring is terrible at junior levels which truly is the nursery of Indian cricket.

While the National Cricket Academy, with Rahul Dravid in control, is attempting to lift the nature of cricketers making advances on the scene, a significant number of them are being undercuts by the nature of umpiring. This inadequacy stretches out through top notch and different degrees of cricket.

Ganguly would do well to get state junior and even top of the line players who comprehend the subtleties and complexities of point, turn and bob to take up umpiring as quickly as time permits. A decent pay bundle and some OK preparing should see some of them come through astonishingly.

Another gigantic test he would face is the mind blowing number of groups presently occupied with the game. Ganguly may have respected the help he got from the recently shaped North-East states. In any case, their consideration in the BCCI arrangement because of Lodha changes implies that there are currently 266 groups (men, ladies, youth, young men, young ladies) in the conflict. Furthermore, this, thus, prompts a humongous number of matches that would without a doubt place gigantic strain on umpires, coordinate refs, grounds, groundsmen and planning.

The Groundsmen, who are an imperative piece of the framework, are another parcel who must be dealt with regarding pay, lodging, nourishment, kids’ training and therapeutic protection for their families. Each state has its own strategy, however since the greater part of these groundsmen are inadequately paid and unmotivated they are likewise defenseless to indecencies including, tobacco and liquor enslavement. They need assistance and a superior personal satisfaction. In the event that Indian cricket with every one of its wealth can’t do this for its own groundsmen, no one else will.

Most states have 10 grounds or more that fit in with BCCI prerequisites and it is not out of the question that Ganguly, who played all his cricket on pitches and grounds arranged by these unrecognized reserved alcove care staff of Indian cricket, does his bit to energize the laborers of these 400-odd grounds.

This part, Ganguly would alter the game on the off chance that he could compose therapeutic protection for guardians of youthful cricketers. The greater part of the youthful players originate from humble foundations. He would know, having captained a couple of such players and furthermore played close by them. Their folks trudge for a considerable length of time with the expectation that their kids become showbiz royalty. It would be great if BCCI can work out a type of therapeutic protection premium for the youthful cricketers’ folks, in any event till they become top of the line players.

The previous India chief likewise talked about the cash that BCCI needs to wrest from the ICC. He is an extreme moderator and following three years of respecting the ICC and their tormenting ways, it is time someone in BCCI faced them. Ganguly, as Srinivasan before him, may very well be the shock that the ICC needs to treat BCCI with the regard it merits.

Ganguly has a short stretch to have any kind of effect to the BCCI. On this event, all gatherings met up and remained as one as they needed to see the back of CoA once for all. In any case, if Ganguly can make his essence felt throughout the following 10 months it could well make ready for more prominent things when he returns after the chilling time frame. Be that as it may, for that, the previous India commander should play an amazing innings.

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