Ganga Dussehra 2021: Check date and significance of 10-day-long festival here

Ganga Dussehra 2021: The Ganga Dussehra is one of the most auspicious festivals in Hinduism. It is celebrated by devotees to mark the origin of the sacred river Ganga.

According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Ganga came down to the Earth on Dashami (month of Jyeshtha) and freed Bhagiratha’s ancestors from a curse. That is why Goddess Ganga is worshipped during this month and period, reported Hindustan Times.

This festival is observed for a period of 10 days.

How will Ganga Dussehra 2021 be celebrated amidst the pandemic?

Due to the COVID-19 norms and lockdown across the country, the Ganga Dussehra celebration will not be held this year. But usually every year, hundreds of devotees participate in taking a holy dip in river Ganga. They believe that the river has medicinal benefits and cures ailments.

Meanwhile, many devotees also believe that whoever donates or does any kind of charity after taking a dip in the river receives virtue and honour in the eyes of Goddess Ganga.

Check below the date and time for Ganga Dussehra 2021:

– Ganga Dussehra will begin on 20 June (Sunday)

– The Dashami tithi will begin at 6:45 pm on 19 June (Saturday)

– While, the Dashami tithi will end at 4:21 pm on 20 June (Sunday)

– The Hasta Nakshatra commences at 9:38 pm on 18 June (Friday)

– and the Hasta Nakshatra will end at 8:29 pm on 19 June (Saturday)

– The Vyatipata Yoga is schedule to begin at 12.29 am on 17 June (Thursday)

– And Vyatipata Yoga will end at 12.26 pm on 18 June (Friday)

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