Gambhir talks about Dhoni’s international future

Gautam Gambhir has spoken about a variety of issues around the Indian cricket team and has also commented on MS Dhoni’s retirement. Gambhir was asked about Dhoni’s future with the Indian cricket team and he gave a definite statement regarding him. He has said that the decision of retirement should be left on Dhoni itself while admitting that he doesn’t see the wicket-keeper batsman playing the next Cricket World Cup in 2023.

Gambhir said that he feels that retirement is a very individual decision. Till the time a player wants to play he is allowed to play, but we do have to look at the future as well. He does not see Dhoni playing the next World Cup. So whoever is the captain (then), Virat or any one else, should have the courage to say so, that this player is not fitting into the scheme of things. It’s time for some of the youngsters to get groomed in the next four-five years, because ultimately it is not about Dhoni, it is about the country.

Gambhir wants the chances to be given to players like Rishabh Pant or Sanju Samson since they will be the ones to contribute to the team’s success in the next cricket World Cup.

Suresh Raina has also commented on Dhoni’s retirement. He brushed aside Dhoni’s retirement talks by stating that the decision should be left to him. Dhoni’s retirement speculations have been doing the rounds ever since the former India captain made himself unavailable for selection after the 2019 ODI World Cup. But Raina stood firmly behind Dhoni.

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