Five died after float-planes crashed

Two floatplanes crashed mid-air in Alaska which was carrying passengers from a cruise ship’s tour expedition five people died and one person was missing in the incident, officials said on Monday.

A Beaver floatplane and an Otter floatplane were the two floatplanes which had been carrying 16 passengers from the Royal Princess cruise ship and was crashed near Ketchikan by 1:00 pm, Princess Cruises said in a statement circulated by US media.

According to Princess Cruise, the dead included four passengers and a pilot. Ten of them were rescued and the medical care was provided.

The US Coast Guard said that the three people were confirmed dead and the search for the three others near George inlet is on, with the help from partner agencies including the US Forest Service and Alaska state troopers and good Samaritans.

“In a remote area such as this, given our limited resources, we rely on our partner agencies and appreciate the support that good Samaritans have rendered to this point,” said Captain Stephen White, Coast Guard Sector Juneau commander.

“With the loss of life, in this case, we know that the impact on Alaska is immense and our thoughts are with the community here.”

The National Transportation Safety Board said it was launching a “Go Team” to examine the reason for the accident.

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