First Pakistani astronaut to be sent to space in 2022 with the help of China’s launch material

On Thursday Pakistan declared that their first astronaut will be sent to space in 2022 utilising China’s satellite launch amenities.

Science and Technology minister, Fawad Chaudhry, stated the astronaut for the space mission will be selected through its process starting from February 2020.

Chaudhry on his Twitter wrote, very proud to declare that the astronaut selection process will start from February 2020, the first from Pakistan to go to Space. Shortlist of fifty people to be made.

Chaudhry told the Pakistani Air Force will perform a leading part in the selection of the astronaut.

He said that at first round 50 pilots will be chosen and will be brought to 25 and following 10. Among ten one of them will be sent to space by providing training to all 10 selected.

Two indigenously-built satellites were sent into the orbit by Pakistan, utilising a Chinese launch carrier.

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