Facebook to set up a Social network’s election response team for Lok Sabha’s election

For the Lok Sabha elections, Facebook will establish a response team to control offensive content. Samidh Chakrabarti, global director of product management for civic integrity at Facebook, “The work that we are doing here is so important that we actually staffed a product team dedicated to the Indian elections over a year ago in the US. The Election Commission of India (EC) lately said that its Model Code of Conduct will refer to social media also. It is also operating on guidelines for political ads on social media.

The team will operate from Singapore and work with the Election Commission. “This is extremely unusual for a product team to have any part of their team dedicated to a specific country, let alone a specific event in a country. But we thought that was really important.” Earlier Facebook had set up election operating centres while elections in the US and Brazil.

Facebook’s team in Delhi will get the information from the poll committee and other institutions and move on the information tothe election response centre in Singapore. “And if something extremely complicated requires a change in product or critical decision making, it will be passed to the operation centre in Menlo Park California, if necessary. During the US elections, our operation centre was able to resolve about 900 high priority issues. We wanted to build on this model and extend it globally.” Chakrabarti said.

On March 26 Facebook launched two tools linked to the 2019 Lok Sabha Polls – ‘Candidate Connect’ and ‘Share You Voted’.
‘Candidate Connect’ is Lok Sabha candidates responding to the questions in 20-second videos. ‘Share You Voted’ will tell people to vote on the polling dates in their constituencies.

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