Employee of Gates Foundation quits as PM Modi is awarded

A staff member at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has resigned on in protest against the organisation’s decision to give Prime Minister Narendra Modi the Global Goalkeeper Award for the Swachh Bharat Mission.

Communications specialist Sabah Hamid has said that it was a grave error to honour Modi at a time when he has imposed restrictions on communications and movement in Kashmir.

Hamid said that since the foundation has seemed set on its course of action to go ahead with the award as a private foundation it is entitled to, he could do just one thing, leave. Hamid added that being a Kashmiri made her decision a personal one.

She further added that her decision was not only based on what happened in Kashmir, but for what the Modi regime is responsible for in India itself – the lynching of Dalits, Christians and Muslims, the NRC in Assam, the 2002 Gujarat pogrom.

She said that she has decided to quit because she would not have felt honest criticising the award and yet being paid by the foundation.

Several public figures have opposed it ever since the foundation decided to honour Modi for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, citing alleged human rights violations against minorities in India and the security clampdown in Jammu and Kashmir.

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