EMIST satellite along with 28 others was launched successfully by ISRO

India’s EMIST satellite was successfully launched along with 28 nanosatellites. ISRO’s four-stage PSLV-C45 rocket has set the satellites in three orbits on Monday. They aimed at electromagnetic measurement for the first, was identified by ISRO carrying space experiments. 47th flight of the PSLV launched today, ISRO’s 3rd-generation workhorse. The countdown for the launch had begun on Sunday, ISRO said.

ISRO would now successfully operate satellites in separate orbits and conduct orbital experiments also on maritime satellites. ISRO said a new variant of the rocket PSLV-QL equipped with four Strap-on motors in the first stage is used for the launch. PSLV is a stable and ready launch vehicle for ISRO including 39 consecutive successful flights till June 2017. PSLV was also used in Chandrayan in 2008 and Mars Orbiter in 2013.

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