EA minister Jaishankar called Kashmir a mess pre 5th August

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has said that before 5th August, Jammu and Kashmir was a mess. He added that restrictions were earlier imposed in the state to avoid a repeat of 2016, when the Valley had erupted in protests following the killing of militant Burhan Wani.

He said that we had experience of 2016 when a self advertised terrorist cult figure was killed, a gentleman called Burhan Wani, after that there was spike in violence.

The external affairs minister has said prior to 5th August the situation had reached such a stage in Kashmir that senior police officers were being lynched on the streets of Srinagar.

Jaishankar added that there is terrorism in different parts of the world but there is no part of the world where a country uses it consciously and deliberately as a large scale industry against its neighbour.

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