Drug Racket that shook the Sandalwood industry

It all unfolded with the raid conducted by the Bengaluru Police at Nikoo homes, a gated community in Bengaluru. The raid happened on August 21 when the involvement of Sandalwood actress, Ragini Diwedi was found in the drug cartel. The search resulted in seizing 96 MDMA pills and around 180 LSD blots.  The prime accused, Ankita D’s dairy revealed names of 15 celebrities involved in the drug racket.

The police further learned that Regional Transport Officer, Ravishankar, was the medium to procure drugs and was a common sight at high-end rave parties in Bengaluru. Ravishankar was taken into custody and after a six-hour grilling session, police seized his phones where his whereabouts and links to other celebrities were found.

In the report filed by the police, it is said that there are in total 12 accused of the drug scene till now which also includes brother-in-law of Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi. These people are part of a network that organizes drug parties in the city. Ravishankar revealed the source from where the network used to procure drugs. Loum Pepper Samba, an African national, was responsible for supplying drugs to the accused.

Ragini came into the picture when it was found that Ravishankar was allegedly friends with the Kannada movie actress. Photos and videos of the two had gone viral on various social media platforms. Police then searched Ragini’s house and after seizing her laptops and phones, it was revealed that she was in contact with drug peddlers from Goa, Mumbai, Punjab, AP, Kerala, and also with foreign suppliers who are settled in various parts of India.

After Diwedi’s arrest, another Kannada actress, Sanjana was also found guilty of using drugs and was taken into custody. The reports suggest that it was Rahul Thonshe, Ragini’s friend, who revealed Sanjana’s name to the police. Sanjana Galrani is a multi-lingual actress who worked in over 45 movies.

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