Donald Trump to interfere in Kashmir issue if India and Pakistan wants him to

Donald Trump, United States President on Thursday stated it was up to India and Pakistan to settle the Kashmir conflict though he was set to support if the two South Asian neighbours needed him to assist in solving the issue.

Mr Trump was relating to his meeting with Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan last week, he offered to support solve the Kashmir problem.

India has denied the proposal, but Pakistan has greeted his announcement.

“It’s really up to Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi (to accept the offer of mediation),” Mr Trump said.

Trump said, “I think they are fantastic people — Khan and Modi — I mean. I would imagine they could get along very well, but if they wanted somebody to intervene, to help them. and I spoke with Pakistan about that and I spoke frankly in (sic) India about it.”

He lamented that the problem of Kashmir had been proceeding on for a long time.

Mr Trump stated the Indian Prime Minister urged for this while their bilateral conference in Japan in June on the trade of the G-20 Summit.

India immediately refused it and told the Kashmir problem was never addressed within Mr Modi and Mr Trump.

S Jaishankar, External Affairs Minister of India denied that Mr Modi ever made that call.

He said that the comments by President Donald Trump in a meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan, that he is set to interfere if asked by India and Pakistan, on Kashmir dispute.”

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