Delhi Government to set up a Plasma Bank to fight against coronavirus

On Monday, The Delhi government will soon set up a plasma bank for Covid-19 patients at the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS), Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced. Delhi CM appealed to the whole nation’s recovered COVID cases to donate their plasma.

The Plasma banks will be similar to blood banks, where blood will be extracted and stored for patients that may need it. The CM stated that it will get operational in the coming two days, and it’s likely going to be the first plasma bank in the nation up until now. 

Delhi was one of the first few states to get ICMR approval to do plasma treatment and conduct trials as well, which is still at the preliminary stage. When a person gets infected with COVID-19, the blood produces antibodies, and certain cells like the antigen produce antibodies when they interact with the same infection once more. The plasma trail is examining if the plasma containing antibodies from recouped patients is helpful to other new COVID- 19 patients also. 

As per the Indian Express, medical professionals in Delhi hospitals have so far found that plasma therapy is beneficial for critical as well as moderate COVID-19 patients as well. The senior government authorities stated that the study is conducted on 29 patients at Lok Nayak Hospital, utilization of the treatment is affirmed safe.

CP is extracted from a coronavirus recovered patient and given to a patient who is fighting the virus. During the preliminary, it was discovered the individuals who were given CP demonstrated improvement. Improvement was additionally found in oxygen saturation levels. An individual with no comorbidities and between 18-60 age can donate plasma. The patient ought to have recouped at least three weeks and tested negative twice for coronavirus.

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