DC vs MI Match at Feroz Shah Kotla: Late burst helps Mumbai Indians post 168/5

OUT! Slower short ball from Rabada and Hardik goes for a pull gets a top edge that goes straight up for Rishabh Pant to pouch a simple catch. Fantastic innings from Hardik, providing the catalyst MI needed.

OUT! Surya’s attempted scoop doesn’t come off on this occasion and he has to walk back to the pavilion. Rabada picks his first wicket of the day. Rabada did the good thing by not bowling it too full and thereby not allowing the batsman to get under it. He also made sure he rolled his fingers over the ball to bowl the leg-cutter and also kept it wide of off. Then it is providing no real pace or space for Surya. It was too late for Surya to bail out for the shot. He went for it, getting an outside edge and Rishabh Pant completes a superb catch diving to his right.

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