Congress to limit the use of its digital network Shakti

The Shakti network of the Congress will now be used only for the upcoming membership drive and as a platform for senior leaders to reach out to the grass-roots workers.

Shakti is the digital network of Congress sympathisers and party workers across the country and it became a talking point with the Congress when they used used it extensively during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. It was used during the snap polls to judge the popularity of candidates.

 However, after the Congress’ internal assessments went haywire about its poll prospects and the party putting up a disastrous show, the usage of Shakti have been limited. The data analytics department chief, Praveen Chakravarthy has been re-designated as the chairman of the “AICC technology and data cell within the organization” many see as a downgrading of the department that has worked independently in its previous avatar.

The party’s data cell has undergone many changes. During the poll season, it teamed up with workers, and professionals. But after the results were out, the office was locked down for many days.

 Chakravarthy confirmed that his team was downsized. Chakravarthy has claimed that his team never made any poll predictions or election surveys but two senior leaders have added that in the internal meetings, Chakravarthy was sounding to be confident of the results.

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