Congress Leader Priyanka Gandhi says, “Remove the politics of divisiveness and negativity”

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Wednesday urged voters to support remove politics of divisiveness and negativity and think of later generations and to save the country. Priyanka said, “Change politics, not only of your area or for your needs, but for your future generations and to save the country, as the country is in danger.”

“Remove the politics of divisiveness and negativity, and usher in a politics, which speaks about you, your grievances and makes efforts to redress them,” she added. “In a democracy, there is nothing bigger than the power of the people. Hence, all of you get the right to vote, and it is your biggest strength as well. The vote is your right as well as a weapon. You have used this weapon judiciously,” she said. Fatehpur’s polls on May 6 in the fifth phase of Lok Sabha polls.

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