Coffee Day Enterprises shares feel another 10 per cent

Coffee Day Enterprises shares further fell 10 per cent to hit its weakest dealing permitted purpose on Thursday as investor opinion

continued to score for the third following trade between a slew of negative report circling the company.

Its 52-week low on BSE and the scrip of 10 per cent to Rs 110.95 its cheaper line frontier.

Shares at NSE fell 10 per cent to reach its lowest dealing permitted limit.

The shares in three days dropped over 42 per cent on the BSE, consuming Rs 1,723.16 crore from its business cost.

On Thursday the market spread of the company stood at Rs 2,343.84 crore. VG Siddhartha, the Cafe Coffee Day chain, was spotted dead

on Wednesday’s early morning.

Coffee Day Enterprises on Wednesday called independent director S V Ranganath since the interim chairman of the company to succeed

its founder VG Siddhartha. While on Wednesday the BSE compared the line frontier of the business to 10 per cent.

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