Citigroup to grant health insurance and other expenses to livein partners of straight, LGBTQs

An advancing step has taken by Citigroup Inc towards a more comprehensive employee policy by stretching several policies such as health insurance coverage and relocation costs to all domestic partners, including live-in partners and LGBTQ partners in India.

The New York-based investment bank and financial services corporation will be one of the primes in the country to propose insurance cover to live-in or unmarried partners of heterosexual employees. Such kind of offers is already given by other companies’ members of the LGBT community.

Some of the well-established companies like Godrej Group, Accenture and IBM are already offering health insurance to same-sex partners of their LGBTQ employees.

A business sponsor of the Citi India Pride Network said that the company Padmaja Chakravarty is stretching the health insurance benefits to domestic partners of their employees even including partners of the same sex or otherwise, who live together. She said that the company is also elongating domestic relocation privileges which usually pertain to spouses, parents or dependent children of employees to such domestic partners of employees, as mentioned in a report in The Economic Times.

Most of the companies do not provide insurance cover to unmarried or live-in partners of heterosexual employees due to legal status and rights of unmarried couples are still to be precisely defined in the Indian system, as opined by experts.

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