Chirag’s case yet to be determined by DCB

According to the police, Chirag Patel, journalist’s bike was recovered a little distance off from his body, showing it was low on petrol. Ahmedabad Detection of Crime Branch (DCB) is examining the case of the puzzling death of journalist and is still to discover the explosive fluid that burnt him.

The body Patel, a TV journalist was discovered near a waterway in Kathwada two weeks before. The police have got utmost of the forensic reports, chemical report to discover the inflammable liquid used, crime branch ACP, B V Gohil said on Wednesday. “The petrol tank of the bike was found at reserve fuel capacity. The determination of the inflammable liquid may give us some leads,” Gohil said.

Gohil added, “In a splendour bike, it is easy to draw out the fuel from a pipe attached underneath, simply by mouth suction. If the chemical report identifies the inflammable liquid as petrol, we can perhaps determine if the fuel from his bike was used. However, it is still difficult to determine if it is a suicide or murder. Lung residue shows carbon particles.”

Gohil further said, “Nail residue report as well as normal. UV light scanning to has borne no suspicious results in terms of blood traces or foreign particles. The phone continues to be missing, although we have scanned an area within a 1.5 to 2 kilometres radius.” The crime branch presently intends to talk with the family members in the next few days. Friends and colleagues have previously been investigated.

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