China now is not a trading ally with the US, Mexico and Canada replaces it

China is now not the top trading ally of the United States as an outcome of their present trade war and has been superseded by America’s neighbours Mexico and Canada as per a media report.

Mexico was the topmost trading associate of the United States followed by Canada, in the initial half of the year, the new data shows.

As an outcome of the ongoing trade conflict within the U.S. and China, imports from China to the U.S. fell by 12 % and America’s trading to China dropped by 19 %.

Mr Trump has forced 25 % import tax on Chinese goods worth $250 billion.

The 10 % tax on goods worth $300 billion will evolve into force on September 1.
Mr Trump has so far affirmed that China has remained unfair to the US.

As per the Commerce Department report, the entire worth of bilateral goods traded with China dropped 14 per cent in the initial half of the year to $271.04 billion.

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