Champions League: Tottenham must take advantage of Pep Guardiola’s divided focus to dismantle Manchester

The buoyancy of the Tottenham squad was boosted by Mauricio Pochettino’s former PSG teammate, Ronaldinho’s endorsement that Spurs can go ahead and win the competition. “It’s great that someone like Ronaldinho believes in us,” admitted Pochettino. “That boosts the squad, many of whom have grown up looking up to him. Who knows? Maybe we will be able to beat an amazing team like Manchester City.”

When you see Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino now, you don’t see a man resigned by the inadequacies of the challenges that face him against the nouveau riche stature of Manchester City. You don’t see a lump-eyed, one-gloved man in boxing shorts, with an arm tied to his leg. Instead, you see a man relishing, calculating the ways he could hopscotch around them. Not dissimilar to his former teammate, Ronaldinho, to whom no challenge, no man-mountain was big enough.

“Nearly spending 3 years with Ronaldinho, you can’t help but see the world in his way. Every moment you’re alive is joyous despite the temporary disappointment, every moment is holy, and is to be celebrated in some way. I learned a lot from him – laughing, smiling, dancing. If you want to play well, you have to enjoy it, be happy and smile. In football, all can happen; like in life, you must believe and have trust in yourself.”

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