Champions League : Barcelona cruise to achievement in 2nd gear as Manchester United fail to reproduce PSG heroics

Manchester United seem to have been wonderous people since 1999 while Ole Gunnar Solskjaer stuck out his right foot for the ball to rise steeply and into Oliver Kahn’s total to conquer the Champions Club also win the treble, some time and effort that have gone down in club history as the pinnacle of the Sir Alex Ferguson era . Fast forward to 2018, even before the winter they repeated a great escape against Italy’s serial champions Juventus and in March eradicated French giants Paris Saint-Germain in dramatic style from the penalty spot. UEFA’s expansive VAR policies had come to Manchester United’s aide in that pull.

This was perhaps it is a small ironic well then that Luis Suarez’s ambition stayed after the video tutorial technology confirmed the fact of the Uruguayan’s draw in the 13th min. That’s how little time Barcelona needed to dismantle Solskjaer’s 5-3-2 formation and dispel Manchester United’s simmering dreams of silverware in the European Cup. The slight delay in the VAR determination as well as mundane arc of Suarez’s header across the facial of David de Gea’s intention stated the point somewhat quotidian. Apart from however that it wasn’t , as is often the case with Barcelona’s expensive football games constructs.

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