Cauvery, a river under stress: Effluents to sand mining, examining the impact of human activities

Outside Dravidian India, not much comprehended of developments within the region. Among these developments is the long battle between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, over the River Cauvery. The extreme politicisation of the water-sharing dispute has shaped the relationship between the two states at times, provoking enmity based on languages and cultural beliefs between their people. Little do they know, they’ve been drinking the same water all along.

This not a personal journey, nor this a story I directly impacted. However, it is one that carries the identity of the place that I come from, the people I am indirectly connected with, and a story that greatly shaped the current environment. As much I stepped away to see the scenario holistically, I drew nearer to people who affected by it. The journalistic route I chose defined my priorities; I listened to stories not to record, but to hear. This five-part series River (S)tresses will someday talk to the world about the place I come from.

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