Car bomb blast at Kabul let 95 injured

On Wednesday, car bomb blasted in Afghan Capital outside a police station of Kabul, injuring about 95 people, government officials stated, and the Taliban alleged responsibility.

There has been no let-up in intensity in Afghanistan despite the Taliban and the United States arrive near to a historic agreement for US troops to retreat in trade for a Taliban sign the country would not be utilised as a basis from which to contrive drives by extremists.

The Taliban stated a “recruitment centre” had been hit by one of their suicide bombers.

“A large number of soldiers and police were killed or wounded,” the Taliban stated in a comment.

The bomb ran off when a vehicle was obstructed at a checkpoint outside the police station, stated interior ministry spokesperson Nasrat Rahimi.

A health ministry spokesperson stated 95 wounded persons had been brought to hospitals. Most of them were civilians, along with women and children, he stated.

Security teams led raids in various sections of Kabul overnight and damaged a main militant hideout, the central security service stated.

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