Captain Marvel: Brie Larson’s trail-blazing superhero will win the battle against sexist trolls

Today, in the latest culture war from the deepest bowels and darkest corners of the Internet, more self-styled incels, sexist trolls and other angry white men join the rebellion to boycott Captain Marvel. These ‘noble’ efforts, however, suffered a massive blow when the review aggregator removed the score from its audience rating system. How inconsiderate of Rotten Tomatoes, expecting audiences to watch the films before reviewing them!

But these tech-savvy, directionless teens and adults — drawn together by their frustrations and sense of entitlement — remain united in their war against the ‘Stacys’, ‘Becky’ and other ‘femoids‘. Bolstered by the words of A former actor James Woods, they have called for a boycott of Captain Marvel, encouraging fans to go see Robert Rodriguez’s cyberpunk CGI crapfest, Alita: Battle Angel, instead.

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