Café Coffee Day founder’s body was found after he went missing from July 29

V. G. Siddhartha, founder of Café Coffee Day’s body was found after he went missing on 29th July near the Netravathi bridge in Mangaluru. He was spotted on the banks of the river, Hoigebazar on July 31, as per Sasikanth Senthil S, Deputy Commissioner.

The Deputy Commissioner stated that the search crew had an eye near Hoigebazar after the night of July 30 as per the suggestions were given by fishermen.

Mr Senthil, also the District Magistrate, said, “We are now completing the other formalities.”

Fishermen had presumed the location of the body as of the currents in the river and on the mouth of the river on July 30, said YatishBaikampady, a Chief Executive Officer of Panambur Beach Development Project.

The body of VG Siddhartha was discovered in an ice plant in Hoigebazar.

Mangalore Commissioner of Police Sandeep Patil stated, “Mr Siddhartha’s family had been informed and the body was kept at Wenlock Hospital for further formalities, including the post-mortem.”

The last rotuals will br done in Chikkamangaluru district as per his relatives.

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